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Threatened species big and small

This Biodiversity Month, take time to learn about threatened species in Knox.

What is a threatened species?

Threatened species, refers to any species at risk of extinction in the near future. The various threats and drivers of each species population decline may vary. However, there are ways to help address the threats through ongoing care for biodiversity encouraging healthier habitats and more stable populations.

Why is it important to protect threatened species?

Some of our locally threatened species are beloved friends such as the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) or blue-billed duck (Oxyura australis). Others are small and colourful, or leafy and green such as the Yarra Gum (Eucalyptus yarraensis) and the Matted Flax-lily (Dianella amoena). Many are uncommon invertebrates or animals and plants that will become extinct before we can meet them.

All ecosystems operate on a delicate balance between species, the air, water and land. These relationships have formed over millennia and provide crucial services to better the lives of people and the environment. Whilst ecosystems and the critters within them have the ability to adapt and respond to disturbances such as changed fire regimes, development and urban pollution, the compounding and rapid change they experience in today’s world is leading to unprecedented loss in species and consequently environmental services.

What are some examples of threatening processes?

  • Habitat loss and fragmentation
  • Competition from introduced weedy plant and pest animal species into bushlands

How can you help?

Luckily, there are actions we all can take and decision we make to support our locally threatened species. 

Get involved in citizen science

By recording the distribution, abundance or absence of local species you help inform conservation science, researchers and land managers about species health. This information can directly inform management practice, resourcing and funding to protect our species. This month join the September Biodiversity Blitz

Join Gardens for Wildlife

Register your garden of become a volunteer for Knox Gardens for Wildlife. The program helps residents and businesses support native wildlife by creating suitable habitat. Meet Emma and hear how Gardens for Wildlife has changed her relationship to her garden and surrounding biodiversity.

Help out at a Friends group working bee

Knox has an active community of passionate volunteers who conserve, advocate and enhance our green spaces for threatened species. This month, challenge yourself to join one of the many working bees in Knox and directly improve habitat for threatened species.

Remove environmental weeds from your garden

Do you have environmental weeds on your property? You may be eligible for a Council grant to remove them. Learn more about the Biodiversity Buddies Grant and apply today.

Plant your nature strip

You can now apply for a free permit to plant your nature strip with indigenous plant species. Consider planting some threatened species.

Explore Knox’s Bushland Reserve with the Nature Discovery Passport

The Knox Nature Discovery Passport is your guide to the top 50 bushland reserves in Knox. Use it to explore your local biodiversity and win prizes in our geocaching treasure hunt. Learn more here






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