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Active Ageing Advisory Committee

The Knox Active Ageing Advisory Committee guides Knox City Council on ageing services, programs and issues.

It provides advice for Council services supporting locals over 55 years of age.

It's made up of community members, Council officers and current Councillors.

Join the committee

Expressions of interests to join the Knox Active Ageing Advisory Committee are now closed.

The committee meets on a bi-monthly basis and provides advice and recommendations to support the decision making of Council on:

  • Council objectives
  • current and emerging challenges facing older people within the Knox Community.

Committee objectives

The Committee's objectives are to provide recommendations on:

  • the implementation of the Strategic Objectives under the Community and Council Plan
  • emerging issues affecting older people within the Knox community
  • information about older people and healthy ageing matters gathered through consultation.

Committee member requirements

A diverse group of local volunteers make up the Committee. Committee members have interest and knowledge of either:

  • active ageing and/or issues impacting older people
  • experience in the field of active ageing and aged services.

Length of engagement

Committee members are elected for 2 years.

Current Committee members

The following members were appointed to the Committee in 2021.

Name Community or industry
Catherine Balaz Community
Christine Pow Community
Eddie Atacardor Community
Gary Cantwell Community
Geoff Deacon Community
Lawrie Gaylard Community
Pranee Birch Community
Rosemary Rambert Community
Fen Peng Industry
Diana Bossio Industry
Marlene Franke Industry
Peter Burns Industry
Rachel Bast Industry
Shoua Liu Industry

Councillor members

Council appoints at least 2 Councillors to support the Committee.

Current Committee Councillors

The current Councillors are:

  • Cr Seymour
  • Cr Baker

Length of engagement

Committee Councillors are elected for one year.

Council officers

The Knox City Council CEO nominates officers to provide advice and support to the Committee.


Meetings take place every second month. The Committee operates alongside a Terms of Reference.

The Committee also takes part in the 6 monthly group meetings and the annual advisory committee forum.

Meeting minutes

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