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Recycling bin collection

Knox City Council has fortnightly recycling bin collections for reusable and recyclable materials.

Knox Council recycling bins have a blue lid.

When to put your recycling bin out

Your bins are emptied on the same day each week, once a fortnight, including all public holidays. They should be placed at the collection point by 6am of your collection day.

Use our online tool to check when your household rubbish collection day is:

Find my bin day

Waste calendars

You can also download our waste calendars for 2023 and view waste maps and zones in Knox:

Or call our Customer Service team on 9298 8000.

What goes in your recycling bin

Put all recyclable items into your bin loose. They won't be sorted if packed in plastic bags.

Use your blue lid bin for:

  • wrapping paper (made from paper and has no glitter on it)
  • greeting cards and envelopes (with or without a window)
  • magazines and newspapers
  • egg cartons (if they contain any stuck, broken egg-shell, put that part into the Food & Garden bin)
  • pizza boxes (make sure they are completely empty and if more than half greasy, put that half into your food and garden bin)
  • paper and cardboard (no need to take off tape or staples first)
  • phone books
  • compact disc cases (no discs)
  • aluminum and steel aerosol cans (only if completely empty)
  • hard plastic packaging and food containers (e.g. any plastic that is rigid and holds its shape)
  • aluminum baking trays (empty, rinsed/unrinsed)
  • aluminum foil – scrunched into a loose ball (empty, rinsed/unrinsed)
  • steel or aluminum cans and tins (rinsed/unrinsed - lids can be put back into tin and top of can squished together)
  • glass bottles and jars - lids off and place all loose into the recycling (empty, rinsed/unrinsed)
  • milk and juice cartons or bottles - lids off and place all loose into the recycling (empty, rinsed/unrinsed)
  • plastic bottles - take lids off and place all loose into the recycling (empty, rinsed/unrinsed).

What doesn't go in your recycling bin

Do not use your blue lid bin for:

  • soft plastics
  • plastic bags (any recyclables in plastic bags will end up in landfill)
  • general rubbish and waste
  • green waste
  • e-waste and electrical items - check  Knox Gate Prices at KnoxTransfer Stations & Recycling Facilities, charges may apply
  • timber, bricks, rubble, steel or building materials
  • syringes - visit our Customer Service center for a free sharps container
  • hot ashes - must be completely cold before you put them in the bin
  • batteries - Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths and OfficeWorks collect batteries for recycling
  • chemicals or hazardous waste - attend our annual, FREE, Detox Your Home Day to get rid of some of these items safely
  • fluids or liquids - check Knox Transfer Stations & Recycling Facilities (charges may apply).

You can dispose of these in your green waste bin, with a hard waste collection or at the Knox Transfer Station.

Soft plastics

REDcycle's soft plastic recycling program is currently on pause. Please put all soft plastics in your household rubbish bin until further notice.

A–Z rubbish and recycling guide

View Council's guide to rubbish and recycling in Knox:

View A-Z rubbish and recycling guide

Putting your bins out

When putting your bins out for collection, make sure you:

  • put bins out before 6 am on collection day
  • return bins to your property within 24 hours
  • ensure bins are at least 50cm apart
  • place bins with wheels and handles facing away from the kerb
  • allow a minimum of one-metre clearance from parked cars, trees, light poles or any obstructions
  • ensure bin lids are closed when presented for collection
  • do not overfill your bins. The maximum weight for all bins is 50kg

Bin requests, cancel a bin, stolen bins and missed collections

Organise a missed recycling bin collection, bin cancellation or a bin replacement online.

Order additional bins (garbage, recycling or green)

Cancel a bin service

Damaged bins

Stolen bins or missing bins

Change rubbish bin size

Request a new bin service (new property)

Missed bin collection

If your bin contents are not collected by 6 pm on your collection day, you can report a missed bin collection online.

You must contact us within 36 hours (1.5 business days) of your scheduled collection day.

Before reporting a missed bin collection, please check your bin days.

Report a missed bin collection

You can also call us on 9298 8000.

If you find a sticker on your bin or a notice in your letterbox, follow the directions on the sticker or notice.


Anything that uses batteries or a power cord is e-waste. Do not put e-waste in rubbish or recycling bins.

To find out more about e-waste visit our e-waste page.

Need help?

Contact us and we will get back to you.

Or call our Customer Service team on 9298 8000

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